Preschool (Prek-3 & Prek-4)

  • What a day in PreK resembles...

    8:15 Arrival
    8:30 Morning Work and Free Play
    9:00 Prayers, Calendar, Circle Time
    9:20 Table Time
    9:50 Bathroom, Snack, Show-n-Tell
    10:10 Skilled Courses(art, music, etc.)
    10:55 Table time/Small Group/Centers
    11:15 Bathroom, Prayers, Lunch prep
    11:30 Lunch
    12:00 Recess
    12:30 Bathroom, Set-up for Rest
    12:45 Music and Movement
    1:00 Rest Time
    2:00 Wake up, Pack to Go Home, Story
    2:20 Dismissal
    *This changes daily, but the purpose of the schedule above is to give you an idea of what the structured day looks like.
  • Why choose preschool?

    • Preschool establishes social and emotional development.
    • Preschool encourages physical development.
    • Preschool activities boost pre-literacy skills.
    • Preschool environments nurtures children's creatitivty and curiosity.
    • Preschool helps students to learn ways to care for themselves as well as their classmates.
  • Preschool Handbook

  • Ready to Register?

    Please contact the school office at
    [email protected] or by calling (570) 275-2435 for more information in registering your child!