Middle School (5-8)

  • Did you know that in addition to teaching core math courses like Geometry and Algebra, Mrs. Palmer teaches our Middle School students Personal Finance! It is a hit with the students, and prepares them for their financial futures.

    Did you know that students can participate in sports with Danville Area Middle School or Our Lady of Lourdes Regional.Did you know that our students are required to take skilled courses such as Art, PhysEd, Music, Library, STEM, Spanish, and Health? We believe that an exceptional education is one that provides all students with these opportunities. 

    Did you know that our school lunches are cooked by our very own chefs? OH, and they are absolutely delicious and loved by our students!

  • Extracurricular

    We offer a variety of after school activities and clubs, such as STEAM, Art, Chess clubs. These activities vary by season and year, so please contact the school office for more information on extracurricular activities offered at this time. Some middle school favorites are Forensics and Tiger TV.

  • Tiger TV

  • Art Club