Spanish Homework    
Spanish Assignments and    Dates
        Due dates and Homework             
  • 1st grade
  •  Work on Spanish Animals booklet
  • No Homework
  • 2nd grade
  • Translate new animals names and bring it to class
  • Homework
  • Translate the worksheet with different animals names
  • 3rd grade
  •  Began Spanish Time
  • Work on different Spanish Times
  • Listen to pronunciation of times morning and afternoon in Spanish
  •  Homework
  • Finish the Spanish Time Packet 
  • 4th grade
  • Homework 
  • Complete clock times worksheet
  • Finish worksheet of Telling Time
  • 5th   grade

  • School Items Vocabulary


  • Cut and glue the pictures of school items and writedown the Spanish and the English name

  • 6th   grade
  • Review Pets, Farm and zoo animals in Spanish
  • Continue working on Packet tomorrow
  •  No Homework

    • 7th   grade
    • Began Body Parts in Spanish
    • Explanation of body parts
    • Homework
    • Using the phrases" Me duele" and "Tengo" writedown 10 sentences with body parts "Me duele la cabeza" and 10 sentences with illnesses "Tengo gripe"
    • 8th   grade


    • Most exercises will be done in class week so please bring questions if you need help
    • Continue watching the bilingual movie
    • "Under the same moon"
    • No Homework
    • If you have any questions about homework or projects please ask me at the end of class or e-mail