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Reminders: Math 24 Club meets every Thursday after school from 3:00-4:00.   I hope to see you there!

Math 5:  We are working through our unit on Dividing with Decimals.  We have been using models, estimation, and also learning the steps to do it the "numbers only" way.  

Math 6:  Our students are loving learning Algebra in Module 10!  We have been "combining like terms" to simplify expressions.  We are excited to see what Module 11 has in store for us.


  • This course is the first part of Keystone Algebra.  It will combine algebra and middle school math skills such as: using rational numbers, writing and solving equations/inequalities, ratios and proportions, and data analysis.

    Topics Covered:

    • Using Integers
      • absolute value
      • comparing & ordering integers
      • adding, subtracting, multiplying & dividing integers
    • Using Rational Numbers
      • comparing & ordering rational numbers
      • adding, subtracting, multiplying & dividing positive & negative fractions & decimals
    • Solving Equations
      • distribute & combine like terms
      • solve 1 & 2-step equations
      • solve multi-step equations
      • applying equations to real world situations
    • Solving Inequalities
      • identifying solutions of inequalities
      • graphing & writing one variable ineqalities
      • solving inequalities 1 & 2-step
    • Solving & Applying Proportions
      • ratios & rates
      • writing & solving proportions
    • Data Analysis
      • measures of center
      • box & whisker plots
      • histrograms
    • Area
      • compostie figures
      • trapezoids, parallelograms, & triangles 
    • Surface Area & Volume
      • nets
      • surface  area of prisms & pyramids
      • volume of prisms

Keystone Algebra I:  This course is the second of three Algebra courses.  This course is aligned to the Pennsylvania Keystone Assessment Anchors, foucuses on simplifying Algebraic expressions, graphing/interpreting linear equations and inequalities, solving systems of equations, analyzing functions, simlifying exponents, factoring, simplifying rational expressions, probability, and data analysis including "line of best fit".  The Keystone Algebra I Exam will be administered during the fourth marking period.

Keystone Geometry:  Course topics focus on the Pennsylvania state Keystone anchors and include, but are not limited to, angles and segments, parallel lines, triangles and their congruency and similarity, parallelograms and other polygons, circles, area and volume, transformations, and the application of basic trigonometric functions.

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