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Fantastic 5th Grade: Homeroom, ILA, and Social Studies

Stupendous 6th grade:  ILA, Social Studies, Religion 

                                         Welcome to my teacher page.  I graduated at Bloomsburg University in 2000 with a bachelors degree in Early Childhood and Elementary K-6.  I have two children that have enjoyed their education at St. Joseph School.  They really loved the family atmostphere and amazing academic challenges the received at St. Joseph School.

                                         My classes are never bored!  I have 3 couches in my classroom that we use for cozy reading or a fun change to sitting in our desks.  Our activities go from independent work, group work, to whole class instruction.  We are usually changing activites every 15-20  minutes.  I feel that it keeps the stdents active in their learning.  

                                         In fifth grade, our social studies curriculum consists of Ancient Civilization.  We learn about many events that also lines up with the Old Testament. 

                                         In sixth grade social studies class, we learn all about geography.  The students have map tests naming countries and capitals throughout the world. 

                                         In each of my ILA classes we have a lot of fun reading short stories, poems, and novels.  We have a fun writing journal as well as a working reading journal.  In the working journal, the student tells me what they are reading and we have a dialogue back and forth.  We work on our chromebooks for grammar games, research, and projects.
                                         I teach sixth grade Religion.  We have a lot of fun learning about the Old Testament.  The students each get a Religion parhtner from third grade.  We do many activities and make a book throughout the year.


All of my assignments will be posted on ParentSquare each day.  I will assign most assignments a week ahead of time.  Please send me a message if there is ever a question about homework!



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I always accept donations of napkins, hand sanitizer, and tissues for the room.  Thanks and God Bless!