Welcome to
Mrs. Ridings' Second Grade

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What we are learning for the month of February


Our lists include: hard and soft c/g, sounds of oo, and sounds of ew/ou


We will begin Chapter 4 about pronouns, adjectives and descriptions.


The class is wrapping Unit 5 on contractions, ending and suffixes. The we'll move onto Unit 6 about on vowels pairs, vowel diagraphs and diphthongs. 


We will finishing learning the rest of our cursive consonants.


We wrap up Chapter 6 on three digit subtraction/addition. Chapter 7 has a focus on money and time.


 Theme 4 looks like this:

Focus skills:
Setting: Where and When and Following Directions


"Mr. Putter and Tabby Write a Book"

" Annie's Gifts"

"Ah, Music"


We are writing our final copies of our own “how-to articles”.



Our focus is the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation this month to prepare us for receiving this holy sacrament
on Saturday, February 16th.
Then we will move on to preparing for
our First Holy Communion.


We are beginning our unit on the three branches of Government.


About your teacher:

        My name is Mrs. Julie Ridings and I will be your child’s 2nd grade teacher this year. I have a dual degree from Bloomsburg University in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. I have taught 1 year in a public school setting and 7 years teaching at another Catholic School. This is my fourth year teaching at Saint Joseph’s School and I look forward to teaching your child many new skills and concepts throughout this school year. My teaching methods are based on a positive learning atmosphere in the classroom with respect for faith, children and teachers.

Check Parent Square daily for homework assignments! 

I would like to give the parents/guardians a brief explanation of the colored smiley face that is inside the homework agenda. The color of the smiley face will correspond to my behavior chart we use in class. This is a quick way for you to chart your child's daily behavior progress.  


Behavior Chart outline with corresponding colors:

 Roaring Great Behavior!
Good note written inside agenda               
Prize Bucket Reward     
 Spotted Being Good!   
 Reward Sticker    
 Ready to Explore!    
Everyday begins here; if you end here then 
you still did a great job being prepared. 
Caught Monkeying Around!     
Warning for not making good choices.
Safari Cancelled!                          
Note written inside agenda; must be signed & returned.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns: