“My eight years at St. Joseph not only instilled a strong work ethic and love for learning but also gave me an education in my faith that was very important for my formation as a Catholic. SJS prepares students to be examples of their faith, to be hard-working in school and all activities, and helps students develop the ability to face challenges and adversity along the way.”

-Morgan Everett

"Saint Joseph's School has prepared me for highschool by teaching me to work hard and always set and retain goals. Without these skills, I wouldn't have been able to maintain an A GPA average across all of my classes."

-Alex Eby

"St. Joseph's school not only prepared me for high school but also instilled in me a set a values that has helped me succeed not only in school, but in life."

-William Friedenberg

“At St. Joes, education and faith are equally emphasized teaching students to lead well-balanced lives. As a former student, I have carried these principles with me in both my schooling and my daily faith life. I am so grateful to St Joes for instilling these values which will last a lifetime.”

-Grace Petrick

“St. Joseph's School gave my children everything I wanted and more. It proved to be the ideal school for my daughter who was adjusting to a new culture, providing her with a loving and caring environment and at the same time exposing her to the rigors needed to face high school. For my little son, St. Joe's was a wholesome introduction to school; it had a healthy mix of fun activities for kindergarten and a well articulated program to prepare the children for grade 1. For both children, I can confidently state that they have been well prepared for the next levels of their academic pursuits. Both children loved school and it showed. In attestation to this, my third child yearned to be in St. Joe's too and happily, she has been accepted!
The close-knit family of dedicated teachers and staff make all the difference. I wholeheartedly recommend St. Joseph's School, Danville.”

-Francis Iregbu

“I could not ask for a better school in which to teach. Students at St. Joseph School have fun in a positive and safe learning atmosphere. We believe every day is a new opportunity to learn. Our goal is to prepare our students to be successful in all they do and to be life-long learners. Our small classroom sizes promote a warm, caring, nurturing environment where your child(ren) can grow in their confidence and self-esteem. Our school is a family, and I am honored to work with such professional and supportive people.”

-Marcie Wintersteen

“SJS has a special feeling of safety and fairness that gives our community a beacon of hope that children can thrive regardless of what they challenge themselves with, thank you SJS.”

-Richard Brown

“We are so happy to call St. Joe's our home. What an amazing school from the teachers, to the families, to the most caring Principal. When the Coronavirus hit, St. Joe's never missed a beat, our kids never missed even 1 day of school. We have been truly blessed to be part of the St. Joe's family.”

-Jennifer Marks

“St. Joseph School is amazing. The small class sizes allow my children to flourish and get more one-on-one instruction. The teachers and staff are kind, attentive and communication is wonderful. My children love going to school there and I feel like they go out of their way to make you feel like family.”

-Michele Kusnerick