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Remote learning has started on March 16th.  We started teaching live with new material on March 20th.

Come and watch a class that I taught live on Google Meet.  We had show and tell in 8th grade Religion.  Then we continued on in our Confirmation book.

Welcome to my teacher page.  I graduated at Bloomsburg University in 2000 with a bachelors degree in Early Childhood and Elementary K-6.  I have two children that have enjoyed their education at St. Joseph School.  I really loved the family atmostphere and amazing academic challenges they received at St. Joseph School.

My classes are never bored!  I have 3 couches in my classroom that we use for cozy reading or a fun change to sitting in our desks.  Our activities go from independent work, group work, to whole class instruction.  We are usually changing activites every 15-20  minutes.  I feel that it keeps the stdents active in their learning.  

All of my assignments will be posted on ParentSquare each day.  I will assign most assignments a week ahead of time.  Please send me a message if there is ever a question about homework!

Please contact me with any questions or concerns:
I always accept donations of napkins, hand sanitizer, and tissues for the room.  Thanks and God Bless!