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Mrs. Ridings' Second Grade

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What Second Grade is learning in September 

We are working hard on place value this month. We'll be learning how to show numbers in different ways, finding patterns to count on, and grouping in ones, tens, and hundreds.

Reviewing correct letter formation to be neat is the name of the game this month.

Short and long vowels with various spelling patterns are the focus for September.

We're learning about the different types of sentences and what they need to become a complete thought.

Identifying beginning, middle, and end sounds along with short and long vowel sounds are the objectives.

Our focus skills are the characters in a story along with the main idea and supporting details. We are working hard on mastering our high frequency words and introducing new robust vocabulary words. The stories for this month include: Arthur's Reading Race,  Frog and Toad All Year,  Henry and Mudge,  and a play titled Neighborhood News.

We'll be learning about who Jesus is and what it means to be a disciple of Christ.

With fall time come pumpkins, so we will be getting ready by learning about the pumpkin life cycle.

Social Studies
This month we are defining the term "community" and identifying the 3 types: rural, urban, and suburban.

We have been assigned to become members of the Second Grade Press and we write for the classroom newspaper called "The Scoop". Our first assignment is to write about the various subjects we are looking forward to this year as second graders. We must write our rough drafts and meet with Mrs. Ridings, our official editor, before typing out our articles on our Chromebooks. The deadline to meet before the papers hit the printing press is the third week of September. Our September-October issue of The Scoop will be published and available for your reading pleasure the last week of September. We hope you enjoy it!
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About your teacher:

Who is excited for Second Grade?? I know I sure am!! For those of you who may be unfamiliar with me, my name is Mrs. Julie Ridings and I have been teaching for about 10 years, this will be my 9th year in a Catholic School setting. I have 7 years experience of teaching second grade and I love teaching with all my heart! I know many of our students from last year and feel comfortable with picking up right where they left off in from June to continue giving them a quality and faith based education. Wait until you see all the amazing things we are going to explore, learn, and experience together! As always I am a firm believer on positive reinforcement and try to run my classroom in an uplifting way to work towards goals. I also want you parents out there to know I am 100% open for communication on any thoughts, concerns or ideas you have. Please do not hesitate to private message me here on Parent Square or my email ( jridings@stjosephdanville.com ). Thank you for all you do and for allowing us to educate your child here at SJS!


Check Parent Square daily for homework assignments! 

I would like to give the parents/guardians a brief explanation of the colored smiley face that is inside the homework agenda. The color of the smiley face will correspond to my behavior chart we use in class. This is a quick way for you to chart your child's daily behavior progress.  


Behavior Chart outline with corresponding colors:

 Happy as a clam!
Good note written inside agenda               
Prize Bucket Reward     
 Whale of a day!
 Reward Sticker    
 Star Student!
Everyday begins here; if you end here then 
you still did a great job being prepared. 
 Warning! Dangerous Waters
Warning for not making good choices.
   Stung! Parent Contact    
Note written inside agenda; must be signed & returned.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns: