Saint Joseph School's After School Program - ASP - is available Monday through Friday from right after school until 5:30pm. Children involved in ASP meet in the hallway outside the first grade classroom. Students then enjoy some free play time outside or in the cafeteria. After that, they are provided with a snack and given time to complete homework. When students are done with homework, they play games, create artwork, build legos, or just have fun! Students who participate in other after school activities can arrive when completed. Although students have time to complete their homework assignments, and teachers are their to provide help, ASP is not responsible for 100% completion of homework. Students who do not attend ASP on a regular basis, must send a note informing the school office they will be attending. It helps all of us to know where your child is supposed to go on a daily basis. If you do not pick up your child from car line before 3:10, your child may be asked to go to the After School Program until you arrive to pick them up. If there is nobody in the office upon your arrival call the school at 570-275-2435 and the supervising teacher will answer the phone and let you in.

The same school rules apply during the program. Any behavior that would be appropriate in the classroom or on the playground would be expected within the After School Program as well.


Teachers vary


$10.00 Fee per child up until 5:30pm