Algebra I Keystone Exam Practice
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Arts Festival Thursday evening

Field Trip on Friday!!


May 8-12


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Math 5

Test today

no homework

Play Sumdog PB pg. 92 #1-16 PB pg 95
Math 6 PB pg. 128

Play Sum dog

PB p. 130 #1-4 only


Test today

no homework

Complete wksht 13.1 none none
Key Alg

wksht 11.5


*practice for keystones

study wksht 11.5 for quiz tomorrow

constructed response question

*practice for keystone

*practice for


wksht 11.7


Key Alg 2 finish last problem in packet 2

Review Packet #3

#27-30, 36, 37

study 1st

3 review


Religion 8

Challenge #1 pg. 211 due Thursday

*choose a current song dealing with a relationship.  Look at the lyrics and consider the tone of the message.  

Does the song reflect a Christian understanding of relationships?

Write about it.

finish reading

pgs. 220-224 in Chosen 

Challenge pg. 211 due tomorrow


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