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We are now educating online!

Since the first day of PA school closures, SJS has been working hard. We started off completing Flexible Instruction Day packets. Then moved into teaching new material via videos. Now we have moved to a program called Seesaw. It is wonderful and easy to navigate. Our kids can complete work and send it back to us. They can even video themselves reading, presenting an oral report on a project, taking a test, and so on. There are even amazing activities to add to the curriculum for the kids to complete.

Our kids are having fun while remote learning!



Some are even taking advantage and learning things we don't teach in school.

This child is learning to read recipes!

We also throw in some fun days! Here are some pictures of Show N Tell! 


About Third Grade

    I am the third grade teacher at St. Joseph School. This will be my 18th year teaching. I'm so excited to start the new year and can't wait to see all of my students. In the picture, we are releasing our Monarch Butterflies that we raised from eggs.This is a fun and exciting unit on the Life Cycle. There are so many interesting and amazing things we will do this year.  Wait til you see them all!

Parents, please feel free to contact me anytime via email or parent square. I will respond as soon as I am available. 


Homework is very important. Please check parent square daily to see what the assignments are for that day.

Every Friday your child will come home with a paper that shows you how they did all week. They will color in the section where they ended their day on the clip chart. Please sign the paper and return in on Monday. Here is a breakdown of what each level means.

Fantastic - Your child has made above the line choices today and has been asked to clip up 2 times. You should be proud! They get to choose out of the prize box.

Great Choices - Your child has made above the line choices and has been asked to clip up 1 time. Again, you should be proud!

Ready to Learn - Each child begins their day here. If you end your day here, that means you still did a great job today. Be proud!

Warning - Your child has made a below the line choice and has been asked to clip down. They are reminded to make better choices.

Consequence - Your child has made 2 below the line choices and has been asked to clip down twice. There will be a consequence from the teacher.

Parent Contact - Your child has made 3 below the line choices and has been asked to clip down 3 times. To help them, they will be asked to fill out a paper which will be sent home to be signed by you, the parents.

Every Friday will be Fun Friday. They will get to choose an activity to participate in if they were on Ready to Learn or higher every day that week. Activities include blanket day, flashlight day, no shoes day, stuffed animal day, sunglasses day, popsicle day, etc.

You may contact me at