Big News! (Updated)

Tiger TV will be new to SJS next school year. We will offer news reports every morning for the school that teachers will be able to show their students during homeroom. I want to thank everyone who made this possible. Students have been learning to use the green screen and how to work the technology behind it.

Health/Physical Education




Mr. Gilger

Health and Physical Education

My philosophy of Health and Physical Education is simple. I believe that if I can make fitness and health fun for your children, then I believe that they will enjoy keeping their young bodies healthy throughout their lifetime. My goal is to educate them with the information they need, and teach them to make smart decisions that will benefit them socially, mentally, and physically.


Our new S.T.E.M. classes are going to be a favorite here at SJS. It is not only taking our technology classes to a whole other level, but will be an all new interactive approach that integrates Hybrid Learning in the classroom. Students will be learning how to use Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematic concepts in order to learn how concepts work within each of the subject areas. This will consist of students exploring real world problems and using a variety of techniques to solve problems. If you have any questions regarding our S.T.E.M. classes, please feel free to contact me.

Class codes for

5th Grade-YRNSJD

4th Grade-ZXKZXQ

3rd Grade-JFDXMK

2nd Grade-SFLNWB

1st Grade-WMMZPD

Technology Education

Technology Education is important because it is always changing. It is my goal to keep your children up-to-date with the advanced technology that surrounds us today. I will be teaching your children how to properly use different types of technology in the classroom, programs in Microsoft Office, how to be safe while using technology, the history of technology, the future of technology, and much more.