Mrs. Wetzel's Home Page
Welcome to 4th Grade at St Joseph School
We are ready to get started on learning about many new and exciting things throughout the year.
 Science- we will study the layers of the Earth, tectonic plates, and the changes they can cause, like earthquakes and volcanoes. We will study the weather, animals, and later learn about electricity and simple machines.
Social Studies- we are sharpening up our map skills and learning about longitude and latitude. We will learn about our state, Pennsylvania and some history of the regions of our country.
Reading- We are focusing on character anaylsis in both our classroom reading and independent reading.  
Religion-  We are beginning the year by finding out how God reveals Himself through the Bible, creation, and through His son, Jesus.  We will enrich our faith by focusing on the 10 commandments and how to pray from the heart.
Math- We have focused on Graphs and problem solving skills and we will ready to begin place value to the millions.  It is hard to imagine what a million looks like!  We will use our problem solving skills throughout the year.