Welcome to
Mrs. Ridings' Second Grade

The month of May/June we are focused on...

We will be learning  about money and time.

This month we are reviewing scripture words in cursive. At the end of each week, students will write a whole bible verse in cursive and it will be displayed outside of the classroom.

Our spelling lists have us working with words ending with "ed" or "ing" and the prefixes "re" and "un"

We are learning about belonging to a parish communities and about Church leadership. In chapter 24, students will learn about the ways Jesus prayed and the way prayer brings us closer to God.
Phonics skills include: Vowel pairs: /ou/ ou, ow, oo,ew,ue, and ui.
English skills include: Learning about and working with contractions, homophones, synonyms and antonyms,  present-tense action verbs, and past-tense verbs.
Whole Group and Small Group Reading skills include: Discussing the Plot, Using graphic aids,summarizing, High Frequency Words, Comprehension skills, and Robust Vocabulary.

Check Parent Square Daily for homework assignments! 

I would like to give the parents/guardians a brief explanation of the colored smiley face that is inside the homework agenda. The color of the smiley face will correspond to my behavior chart we use in class. This is a quick way for you to chart your child's daily behavior progress.  


Behavior Chart outline with corresponding colors:

 Happy as a Clam!
Good note written inside agenda               
Prize Bucket Reward     
 Whale of a Day!   
 Reward Sticker    
 Ready to Learn: Star Student    
Everyday begins here; if you end here then 
you still did a great job being prepared. 
 Warning! Dangerous Waters!     
Warning for not making good choices.
Stung! Parent Contact                          
Note written inside agenda; must be signed & returned.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns: