Investing in Saint Joseph’s Catholic School

Endowment and Planned Giving

BEQUESTS A bequest is a gift that can be made by almost everyone.  It involves no immediate loss of capital or income, and tax benefits minimize cost to one’s heirs.  It is the most common form of providing an ultimate gift and to perpetuate your life interest and influence into the future.  It is one of the simplest and cleanest forms of planned giving.  There are several different types of bequests, and we would be happy to provide you with more information if needed.

SECURITIES Donating shares of publicly traded securities registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission and bought and sold on a periodic basis through a recognized stock exchange or broker may help avoid capital gains tax and take a charitable deduction for the full value of the stock.  Closely held securities would be subject to a case by case review.  For assistance about this simple transaction, you or your broker can call our office.

TRUSTS A trust permits you to make a gift during your lifetime while still receiving the income from capital, securities, or other property involved.  Two of the most common charitable trusts are the unit-trust and annuity trusts.  In both cases, the income is available to you for your lifetime, and, if desired, for the lifetime of your beneficiary.  At the same time, you will receive a charitable contribution deduction on your money tax, and capital gain, if any, is exempt from tax.

RETIREMENT ASSETS You may be able to designate SJS as a beneficiary of your IRA, CD, or other retirement plan.  This may help you reduce income and estate taxes.

PERSONAL PROPERTY You make an outright gift of real estate, a personal residence, recreation property, or farm, and qualify for a charitable deduction.  A gift in this form enables you to avoid a capital gains tax on the appreciation of the property, just as with gifts of appreciated securities.  Investment properties do not apply.

LIFE INSURANCE If you have a life insurance policy which you no longer rely on, consider putting the money to work for SJS.  This can be done by designating SJS as the beneficiary or donate a policy on which you have paid some, but not all, of the premiums. 

Annual Fund Drive Each year, the school sends out its appeal to alumni, parents, parishioners, businesses, and friends to support the many programs and projects at the school.  We count on the financial support of all these groups each year to help bridge the gap between the actual costs of education and what the school receives in tuition and subsidy.  This is the perfect opportunity for those alumni who are unable to participate in local fundraising for the school to invest in the future of SJS!

St Joseph Memorial Society You can memorialize or honor a loved one by entering them into the St Joseph School Memorial Society.  Send your donation to the school, and your loved one will be remembered each month at a school mass.  A minimum donation of $10 is requested; donations of $100 or more receive a full page in the memorial book.

Remote Fund Raising Opportunities There are so many ways that our readers can support St Joseph School without spending an extra dollar!  It just takes a little planning ahead.  Each year we are able to purchase needed materials for the classrooms with the money from some of these programs. Participation in these programs is low, and we would love to see all of you jump on board to help us raise more money for the school.  Read below to see how you can get involved.

Box Tops For Education Products Labels - This one is really simple: Just buy the products, clip the box top from these products, and send to the school or drop them off in the containers in the church vestibule or at the school.

Giant has a great program to help schools called Giant A+ School Rewards Program.  Simply register your Giant Bonus Card at and designate St Joseph School by using School ID #01191 so the school can receive benefits every time you shop! 

Target has a similar program called "Take Charge of Education."  A shopper at Target who uses a Target Guest Card or a Target Visa upon checkout will accrue benefits to St Joseph School through his purchases.  Target will donate an amount equal to the percentage of qualifying purchases by check twice a year.  In addition, if a purchaser uses a Target Visa for purchases outside of Target, the school will receive additional donations.  The nearest Target stores are in Selinsgrove, Muncy, and Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Tuition Dollars (Smart Money) - This program makes hundreds of dollars for our school, and benefits the students and families, too.  You purchase gift certificates for local stores and restaurants which are offered to us at a discount, and use the gift certificates the same as cash. The profits help reduce tuition costs.  Simply purchase your certificates at the school or the parish office.  They make wonderful gifts, too!  Help us increase participation in this program as well, as this is one of our most successful and lucrative money makers!

Ink Cartridge Recycling - We are recycling empty ink cartridges from computer printers for cash.  Drop off or send your empty cartridges to the school at any time.