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Mrs. Warriner's Page of Helpful Information


Fantastic 5th Grade: Homeroom, ILA, and Social Studies

Stupendous 6th grade:  ILA, Social Studies, Religion 

Assignments and Tests may change to later dates!  

Most assignments are given  2 to  7 days in advance.  Please utilize the homework calendar.    

Please note that all assignments written in planners should be looked at first.  I apologize if I mistype an assignment or forget something online.  Sometimes they do change in the classroom depending on what we accomplish in class.

Field Trip May 12
May 8-12
   Mon.  Tues.  Wed.  Thurs.   Fri.
 ILA 5

Finish Reading PJ

 Vocab U. 1 pages

Sp. U. 16 Test

 ILA 6

Read ch. 3-4

List 1 Sp. Test

Sp. list HW



 S.S. 5




 S.S. 6

   Ch. 11 Test CE



 Religion 6

   Ch. 17 Test  


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I always accept donations of napkins, hand sanitizer, and tissues for the room.  Thanks and God Bless!